Item Care

Hello there! ☕

CNCPh has a lot of products that differ on prints and fabrics used. For this, we have listed a few of our item care tips:

  1. If it’s a light-colored fabric please wash it with the light-colored ones as well.
  2. New colored fabrics tend to "bleed" when washed for the first time (even up to second/third time). We recommend washing them separately to avoid staining other clothes.
  3. If there is a stain and you will apply bleaching agent please do apply only at the stained area (if white cloth) and prevent contact with the design.
  4. For stained colored fabrics, we recommend mixing bleaching agent with water before applying it on clothes to avoid discoloration.
  5. If you are washing it using a washing machine please set the speed level to gentle and avoid overcrowding on the washer with other clothing.