Common Questions

Oh hello, looks like you are looking for answers, well we have written a bunch of common questions below, so we hope you get your answer here. If you still are left unanswered you can message us on our Facebook page and we will get to you soon, just drop us a message there! apple

1.) Where can I contact you?

-You can only contact us on our Facebook page, that is our main channel. We do have an Instagram account and you may receive email confirmations from our account but we do not check messages from those regularly. The reason why we only answer through our Facebook Page messenger is because we want to funnel all the messages to make sure that we answer all your concerns. You can click on the messenger sign found at the lower right corner :) 

2.) How long is your reservation period?

-We reserve for only one day after you submitted your order. If by any chance you have not paid, or have not messaged us after your reservation period we will be cancelling your order and your reservation will become invalid. Make sure to coordinate with us to avoid this.

3.) What is your scheduled shipout?

-We shipout every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday! The payment cutoff to be included on the earliest shipout schedule is 1pm the day before the said shipout schedule. So when you pay on a Sunday at 1:30pm, your shipout schedule will be by Wednesday.

4.) How long will it take for my order to arrive?

-The usual shipping period takes 2 to 3 working days for Metro Manila areas and 3-5 working days for Provincial areas. For areas far away or hard to reach it may take a bit more.

5.) What if I cannot pay on time?

-If there is an urgent matter please do update us so we can work things out. For example if there is an emergency then we may allow extending your payment cutoff for a day or two.

6.) What if I want to change my mode of payment?

-That is fine, details can be found here on our website under the "Payments" section. Only pay on our modes of payment. :)

7.) How much is the shipping fee?

-Shipping fee is 80php for Metro Manila and 160php for Provincial via LBC, JRS Express has a different shipping rate. 

8.) Do you have a physical store or maybe branches?

-For now we only operate online but we do ship nationwide, tho we do plan to open outlets on concept stores soon. Also we do not have a shoppee or lazada account. Ordering is only done here on our website.

9.) Do you offer cash on delivery?

-We do not offer cash on delivery as of the moment but we do plan to accept soon once we have prepared for it.

10.) What if the clothes are ill-fitted to me?

- We do not give refunds or returns when it comes to this. The item dimensions are already posted at the product description before you added the item to your shopping cart and we do mentioned the thing about sizes on our "guide to order" so we really do not expect this to happen.

11.) What if I received a damaged/wrong/incomplete product?

-If you received a damaged item do not worry for we will not leave you hanging, given you have provided us a proper video evidence while you open your order and check your items, we will do something to resolve the issue. Please message us on our Facebook messenger within 7 days time after receiving the package.

12.) What if I have chosen the wrong shipping fee?

-If you do choose the wrong shipping fee, message us asap so we can fix it and give you the proper shipping fee and total. Either way we will be able to see it when we note your payment so the earlier the better :)

13.) What if I want to add or remove an item on my order?

-We only allow removal of an item on your order if you messaged us within an hour after submitting your order. The reason why we only give an hour is because you have all the time to check your order before you submit it and also to avoid conflict. If you want to add an item message us on our Facebook page or submit another order, please notify us on our messenger account after if you do so.

14.) If ever I send another order, will I be paying another shipping fee?

-No, you will not be charged double shipping fee, instead we will consider it as one order and as long as it fits the assigned pouch then there will be no increase on your shipping fee.

15.) What if I want to cancel my order?

-If you really want to cancel your order, depending on the situation we can just let it slip by. Of course we do try to understand our customers most specially if he/she has a good record, has a valid reason, or maybe is a nice person. 

On the other hand if we see that the person is just submitting an order and canceling it multiple times, we may place an automatic cancel on that customer's future order submissions. We can do that because upon receiving your order, we receive information other than the one you have written. 

16.) What if I am having a bad day?