4. After Shipment

After Shipment

After ship out, your order will be on its way. Arrival is estimated to be 2-3 working days for Metro Manila and 3-5 working days for provincial, excluding holidays and Sundays of course. For far away areas or hard to reach it may take a bit more. Your tracking number is the way to know the status of the delivery. Tracking numbers will be posted on our website under "Shipments" one working day after the shipout schedule and are estimated to be active around 1-2 working days after the shipping. Keep in mind that you, the customer is responsible for tracking your order.

ClothesandCoffeePh will not be held liable should there be problem that roots from the customer's side not tracking their order, or giving incomplete details such as the address. We know that some of you are concerned when it comes to privacy, so some will not be filling up their complete shipping address but the courier cannot deliver your items if you put a very broad address. Do not worry we have stated that your information will be treated with care. See our privacy policy for this.

Should there be any delay or problem, message the courier's Facebook page immediately so they can assist you. Do not flood them because your message will go back to the top of their inbox, it will not help. We also offer assistance in this, we will not leave you hanging. You can message us for help or a guide on what you need to do and we will be very happy to assist! :) 

Receiving your order

When you receive your order, it is important and required to take a video while opening the package and checking the items so if there is any problem such as you received a damaged item or received an incomplete package, we can verify it and do something about it. Make sure to highlight the damaged part in the video if there is any.

Should by any chance a video is not taken or the damaged part is not shown in the video and it is very hard to identify the concern or claim, Clothesandcoffeeph will not be held liable for it. Do not get us wrong, we do want to help and we value our customer satisfaction a lot because we want you to have a good experience ordering online here on our store but we need you to help us as well by providing these information. :) 

Well there you have it! Make sure to check our terms of service and privacy policy here on our website under the Terms and Policies.