2. Enter Shipping Details

1. Information

During the "Enter Shipping Details" phase, you will have to fill up details for your order's shipment. Make sure to put the correct and complete details at the indicated spaces, input an active mobile number so the courier will be able to contact you easily and also, so we can avoid delays and return to shipper case. We want to provide you with a convenient experience as you order.
Once you’ve provided the correct information required, click on the “Continue to Shipping” button to proceed to selecting your shipping rate.

2. Shipping

After you complete the shipping details you will be choosing what shipping fee your order falls in. You are responsible for choosing the right shipping fee here. There are indicated rates for Metro Manila and Provincial destinations when you checkout so please do choose the correct one. Should you choose the wrong one, may it be by accident or intentionally, delays will happen since we will ask you to settle the lacking amount first before we proceed to ship your order. 
No minimum number of ordered items required and there is no maximum as well. Arrival time is estimated to be 2-3 working days for metro manila areas and 4 to 7 working days for provincial. Sundays and holidays excluded. The indicated time frame above is based on our experience only but may take longer for remote or far away areas depending on the courier’s lead time and occurrences.


For Metro Manila Areas - Php80.00 (No limit)
For Provincial (Areas outside Metro Manila) - Php160.00 (No limit)


Note: If you're within Metro Manila but your order is to be picked up at an LBC branch then provincial rates will apply.

Our main courier for both Metro Manila and Provincial area is LBC express. But we can also ship via JRS upon request if LBC does not provide good service in your area.
We also have our own CNC Riders for selected areas within Metro Manila and some nearby province.
This includes:
  • Some areas in Quezon City
  • Mandaluyong
  • Makati
  • Taguig
  • Marikina
  • Pasig
  • Cainta
  • Antipolo
You’ll be able to see which courier was used for your package on the Shipped - Tracking Number Records.
*ClothesandCoffeePh has the right to choose which courier to ship the packages. Should there be any courier that is not performing well in your area please inform us immediately so we can ship it using the right courier. If ever the customer has not messaged us regarding this, we will not be held liable for returns or unclaimed shipments and another shipping fee may be charged to redeliver. This reminder is also present upon completion of order.
Note: It is the customer's responsibility to track his/her order. In case that the order is returned due to issues that simply roots from the customer not tracking or not being updated on their delivery status, ClothesandCoffeePh will not handle the charge for the reshipment. (See terms of service)
For the purpose of convincing you to track your order, here are some cases of problems that occur and was solved just by only having the receiver aware of their shipment's status.
1.) The receiver is not known within the area.
2.) Unable to contact the receiver because mobile number is inactive.
3.) Conflicting address.
4.) Address out of coverage. (Usually this type becomes LBC or JRS branch pick up instead of door to door for provincial areas)
5.) Receiver is not present or is not replying during the delivery.
So, make sure to track the status of your parcel daily to prevent your order from being returned to us.
Once you’ve selected the correct shipping rate, click on the “Continue to Payment” button to proceed to choosing your mode of payment.

3. Payment

After choosing the right shipping fee, you will need to choose the mode of payment you’ll be using to settle your bill.
Make sure to pay only on the indicated modes of payment. You can switch to any of our allowed payment method, anytime. Details of our modes of payment are found here on our website as well.
Once you’ve chosen your preferred mode of payment, click on the “Complete Order” button to proceed to completing your order.
Let me have a quick sip of coffee first.  


4. Completion of Order

Once you’ve clicked on the “Complete Order” button you will be directed to a page containing your Order Number (ex. #CNCPh – 0001) and reminders which means that your order is successful!
 Make sure that you’ve properly completed and checked out your order. You will also receive either an email or text upon completing your order.
Once done, you can now pay for your order. The items you added to your cart is now automatically reserved under your name and your cart will become empty. If you put your email at the upper part of the shipping details you will be receiving an email confirmation of your order, on the other hand if you put your mobile number you will be receiving a text message. 
There will be reminders on the completion page. Make sure to read those. You will find your order number there so take note of it. Message it on our Facebook page. Why? Should there be any concerns or problems regarding your order we can contact you asap so we can fix things sooner.