1. Placing an Order

Welcome to ClothesandCoffeePh! Allow us to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to order :).

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Product details from the materials used, measurements, and etc. are all posted on each item within our website.
Placed orders will only be reserved to you for 24 hours upon ordering to provide sufficient time for you to settle your



Ordering is made simple. No need to wait for the invoice, just go browse our website and add any item you like to your cart. You can add multiple items first before entering shipping details or checking out. Dimensions are given based on the width and the height so you will have an ample idea of the size of the item. It is best to consider a bit of allowance for some fabric are not stretchy.

Add the item you want to order by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button. After you are done shopping just click your cart located at the upper right corner, recheck your orders if you have the correct color and the correct number of item before you proceed on clicking the "Enter Shipping Details" button. Remember to finalize your orders first before submitting it to avoid delays and inconvenience later on.